Adorable photos show the UK’s biggest Labrador litter reuniting after lockdown

The 14 dogs had a post-lockdown meet-up (Picture: Terry Harris)

Dog lovers, brace yourselves.

A huge litter of Labrador puppies – thought to be the biggest in Britain – have reunited to celebrate their first birthday.

And the photos are beyond adorable.

The 14 pups, who were born last May at Labrador City in Wentworth, currently hold the record as the largest litter in England.

Sadly not all the siblings were able to make it to the reunion, but Purdy, Millie, Coco, Honey, Freddie, Jackson, Espo and Maggie showed their faces and posed for photographs on their special day.

Labrador City owner Hazel Hedges organised the meet-up following the easing of coronavirus restrictions – so all the owners could come together from across the country.

Reunited (Picture: Terry Harris)
A little play between siblings (Picture: Terry Harris)
Having a lovely time (Picture: Terry Harris)

The parents of the enormous litter are black mum Bella and yellow dad Scooby – who is also Kennel Club registered.

Back in 2019, it was reported that a Labrador from Kent gave birth to the ‘largest litter in Britain’ with 13 puppies – but Bella broke that record last year by welcoming an extra pup.

With hero mum Bella (Picture: Terry Harris)
Rise and shine (Picture: Terry Harris)
Cuteness overload (Picture: Terry Harris)

Speaking about the arrival of the litter, Hazel added: ‘I stayed with her all the time she was in labour and stayed with her for first four nights.

‘With the help of my partner, we helped Bella out by feeding them and bottle feeding them through the night to for first three weeks.’

The mighty litter was, however, Bella’s last – now she’s enjoying life as a family pet.

Hazel said: ‘She usually has the average litter six to eight and she also always has all blacks and one yellow, so with a mixture of blacks and yellow this was a surprise.’

‘We did have Bella scanned; they are never right with numbers but we definitely didn’t see 14 coming.’

Look at their tiny faces (Picture: Terry Harris)
The litter as tiny puppies… (Picture: Terry Harris)
…and now all grown up (Picture: Terry Harris)

All of Bella’s puppies were reserved before they were born or within 24 hours of their arrival.

Although, Hazel did hang onto one little girl.

She added: ‘We kept one of the 14 last year, named Purdy, and at the reunion a couple and I joked and said wouldn’t it be good if Purdy was to go and beat her mum’s record.’

Only time will tell.

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