Adele admits fear fans would turn on her for brutally honest divorce admissions

Adele has admitted she’s found herself questioning ‘Why don’t you like me’ after seeing negative reaction to her talking openly about her divorce to Simon Konecki

Adele admitted that she struggled with some fans’ negative reaction to her talking so openly about her divorce – and making an entire album about her heartbreak.

The 33-year-old singing sensation said she questions “why don’t they like me” after seeing harsh reviews of her interviews.

“During something like that, that kind of significant thing to happen in life, you mind sort of goes to those places: ‘why don’t they like me? Why would they write that if they followed me for 10 years?’

“But in reality, that’s not their responsibility.

“In reality, their responsibility as a fan is to want a good record and to hope I deliver. So I took it with a pinch of salt, and it was fine,” she told Rolling Stone magazine.

Adele and Simon Konecki announced their divorce in 2019



Adele said she would take comments with a pinch of salt


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Adele and her ex husband Simon confirmed that they were filing for divorce in 2019 and they now co-parent their son Angelo.

The singer said she kept her new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul under wraps at first because she wanted to hold something back for herself.

Adele admits she was so good at keeping the secret that when she did eventually tell pals about her new beau that none of them believed her.

Adele and Rich kept their relationship quiet for a while


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Before finding love again, the Tottenham native said in the early days after she split from husband Simon there was a moment where she felt ‘at peace’ with the decision to be alone.

“I remember going upstairs, and doing my face, and getting into bed. I felt quite hopeful. It was the first time I felt I’d had a really nice evening and I was OK being in the house and going to bed on my own.”

She added that she wasn’t excited but that she was looking forward to the next day.

To help ease her anxiety she threw herself into wellbeing practices and looked after herself. She said she gave up drinking for six months, took up hiking and went for sound baths.

Her latest album 30 has smashed to the top of the charts and became the first album in over a year to sell more than one million copies in the United States.

Adele has recently said that to go to her concerts they have to be double jabbed


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Adele made headlines this week when it was revealed she has banned unvaccinated fans from attending concerts over Covid fears.

A statement on Ticketmaster for her Las Vegas residency states: “The Event Organiser is requiring all attendees of this event to have been fully vaccinated (14 days past final vaccination shot ) AND to have received a negative COVID-19 test within 48-hours of the event.

“Both proof of vaccination AND proof of negative test within 48-hours of the event is required to enter the event.”

“Both documents are required for entry and can be displayed on your smartphone or as physical copies. Tests administered via an at-home kit will not be permitted.”

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