Actress Rahama Sadau reacts to backlash she received after posting photos of herself in backless dress

In a series of posts shared via her Twitter page on Monday, November 2, 2020, the movie star said she received the backlash with mixed feelings.

“Salam, it’s sad and unfortunate waking up to series of unexpected messages, tags & trends over the harmless pictures I posted. As a human, I laughed at some, frowned against many & disapproved most. To the most unfortunate event, some of these comments took a different dimension,” she tweeted.

“Having mixed followers, bashing each other’s faiths to the extent of creating trends like “Assistant Allah” (subhanallah), raining curses and some tweeting blasphemous words to our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)- this is the height of it and it stands condemnable and regrettable.”

She went on to dissociate herself from all the tweets that had derogatory undertones attached to them.

“I’m with all sense of sincerity, dissociating myself from such derogatory & hurtful words. To everyone who knows me or follows me, should know I’m not d type that react to anything or embrace advices from social media moral police. But my Prophet & religion is where I draw d line,” she added.

“Any disrespect to my religion and Prophet regarding those pictures remain condemned and reprobated, not in any way & not on any event. The perpetrators should learn to separate people’s way of life and respect for their faiths. Folded hands✌?”

‘I remain defender of my Prophet in heart, online and offline. I deeply and sincerely apologized for the unseen circumstances that led to these avoidable, yet regrettable dramas.”

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“It’s in human nature to judge others and act as saint, I appreciate those who felt offended & decided to call me through DM’s, Text messages & phone calls. That’s true love & I’m never taking that for granted. EVER!”

“Lastly, To the bloggers & everyone that saw a chance to trend, I do not wish for you what you wished upon me. “Live & Let Live”

Sadau’s tweets are coming hours after she came under fire from the Northern part of the country over her photos.

According to the ‘Arewa Twitter’ extraction of the social media platform, the photos were indecent, provocative, and against their religion.



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