Acclaimed puzzler A Monster's Expedition heading to Switch, getting "major" free expansion next week

Dev bringing previous games to Switch too.

Developer Draknek’s acclaimed puzzler A Monster’s Expedition is making its way to Switch next Thursday, 5th August, and a “major” free expansion is coming to all platforms on the same day.

A Monster’s Expedition initially launched for Steam and Apple Arcade at the tail-end of last year, sending players on a wonderfully relaxing open-world puzzle adventure – in the role of the titular monster – that predominantly involves rolling logs around small, awkwardly shaped landmasses, Sokoban-style, to form bridges and access new islands.

A few more wrinkles are added along the way, of course, often leading to some ingenious head scratchers, but A Monster’s Expedition has such a natural charm, it never frustrates. “There’s no tension, no forced direction,” wrote Chris Tapsell in his Essential review last year, “just curiosity and momentum and a reward that feels, at times, like a welcome embrace.”

A Monster’s Expedition – Museum Expansion and Switch Release Trailer.

When A Monster’s Expedition launches for Switch on 5th August, it’ll be accompanied by a significant free expansion for all platforms known as the Museum Update. This introduces 100 new puzzle islands – all seamlessly integrated into the existing game’s open world – plus “more than a dozen exhibits” to admire.

Sokobond Express – Teaser Trailer.

What’s more, A Monster’s Expedition isn’t the only treat Draknek has in store for Switch owners; the developer is also releasing three of its acclaimed older titles on Nintendo’s platform on 2nd September: chemistry puzzler Sokobond, snowball roller A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, and Cosmic Express, which tasks player with plotting a train route between space stations.

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Draknek has also revealed it’ll be releasing Sokobond Express – a brand-new title mashing-up concepts from Sokobon and Cosmic Express – in Q2 next year.


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