Abandoned cat gets much-needed haircut to remove 4.5lbs of matted fur and dirt

(Picture: Douglas County Animal Care & Services)

When a grey cat – now named Bob Marley – was dumped at the front door of Douglas County Animal Care & Services shelter in Nevada, his fur was so matted and filthy that workers couldn’t tell what kind of animal he was.

He’d been abandoned in a carrier, dropped outside the shelter with no explanation.

His container was too small for him to comfortably turn around.

It was only when shelter workers took the top off the box that they realised a cat was inside. That cat was severely overweight, covered in a layer of tangled fur and dirt, and in pain thanks to the weight of his coat.

(Picture: Douglas County Animal Care & Services)

He couldn’t move. Staff describe him as ‘imprisoned’ by his coat.

‘I’m guessing that wherever he was, he had his food and water right in front of him,’ shelter supervisor Liz Begovich told The Dodo. ‘There was just no way for him to move.’

There was no way the cat would get better without a haircut.

(Picture: Douglas County Animal Care & Services)

Workers took Bob Marley to a vet who sedated him then gently shaved away 4.5lbs of furry dreadlocks. The transformation was pretty astonishing.

But sadly, shaving away that mound of fur didn’t solve all of Bob Marley’s issues – he was still unhealthily overweight. That’s something that’ll take time, exercise, and a healthy diet to fix.

Thankfully, the cat has found a loving family prepared to give him the care and attention he needs.

(Picture: Douglas County Animal Care & Services)

‘This boy has such a loving personality and he is enjoying his ability to move freely again,’ wrote the rescue centre on Facebook.

‘He will make a wonderful addition to a new home.’

Now he’s had his dreadlocks removed, sweet Bob Marley is able to walk and play again – so that excess weight will drop off in no time. You go, Bob Marley.

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