A woman on TikTok is recreating dishes from famous films at home

From the big screen to the dining room table (@jalenlcraig/ TikTok)

Have you ever struggled to follow a film because you’ve been too distracted by the delicious-looking food?

Well, a woman on TikTok has made it her mission to recreate some famous dishes from popular films.

Over the past few months, Jalen – of the account @jalenlcraig – has been spending her time making her own versions of food from the big screen.

Each video shows the dish she’s decided to try and a tutorial of how to make it for yourself – and they’ve have come just at the right time as we approach lockdown 2.0.

The nutmeg ginger apple snaps from Fantastic Mr Fox (Picture: @jalenlcraig/ TikTok)

Some of her creations include the spinach puffs from The Emperor’s New Groove, the dumplings from Kung Fu Panda, the nutmeg ginger apple snaps from Fantastic Mr Fox as well as the famous ratatouille from Pixar’s Ratatouille. The latter of which has received more than 3.7 million likes.

To make the aesthetically-pleasing ratatouille, Jalen explains that she starts by dicing my celery, carrots and onion, then she roasts some bell peppers and jalapenos to get a smoky flavour.

After she peels off the skin and chops them up and sautés the celery, carrot and onion mix before adding garlic, the peppers, crushed tomatoes, herbs, salt, pepper and some fresh thyme.

Bubbling away (Picture: @jalenlcraig/ TikTok)
Just like the movie (Picture: @jalenlcraig/ TikTok)

Jalen then lets that simmer while she slices up the vegetables with a mandolin. She then blitzes the simmered mixture with a hand blender and pops it at the bottom of a ovenproof dish with the vegetables neatly layered on top, before drizzling a garlic and thyme mixture. The final step is to cover with foil and bake ‘low and slow’ for three hours. 

Afterwards, she plates to look just like the film with a little chive on top.

Jalen adds: ‘But to make it a more filling meal I served it with some rice and it was so delicious.’

A great option if you’re in need of some cooking inspiration.

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