A Tribute to Grey's Anatomy's Bomb Squad Guy and More Deaths We Barely Got Over

Sometimes there’s nothing better or more traumatizing than a walk down Grey’s Anatomy memory lane. 

This week, ABC skipped a new episode of the long-running medical drama and went for a real throwback Thursday, airing two of the show’s most famous episodes. They originally aired after the 2006 Super Bowl and featured guest stars Christina Ricci and Kyle Chandler in a tale about a man who made a mess with some old ammunition that got lodged in his gut. 

Ricci played an EMT who decided it would be a good idea to stick her hand inside the man’s wound to stop the bleeding, and so she had to stick with him even as he went into surgery. Then, when everyone learned that the thing she had her hand on was essentially an unexploded bomb, she completely panicked. As she ran out on the whole situation, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), with very little thought, took her place. (Cue Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) pure terror, despite the fact that he was supposed to be in love with Addison (Kate Walsh) back then.) 

Luckily, they all had Bomb Squad Guy Dylan, played by Chandler, to help them not blow up the hospital or themselves. Unfortunately, he only managed the latter. 


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