A Story of COLOURS & SONS Fall / Winter 22: „From Court to Street“

The scenery blurres from cold winter haze and traffic smoke,
giving you the feeling of walking through an old retro photograph.

Passing by people waiting at a bus station, wearing big puffer coats against the cold.
Next corner’s café, a group of friends is sitting outside, relaxing, zipping coffee, snuggeling up with their knit sleeves over their wrists, watching the city life.


All kinds of people walking the street. Business professionals hurrying to the next meeting, talking on the phone, college kids carrying books, couples shopping for growceries, street style gurus looking for their next inspiration.

Across the street, behind the big brick walls of an old building, there is a prestigious sports club. The archway entrance allows you a short sneak into people playing cricket and tennis in old school sports attire.


You keep strolling, making a stop to watch street artists creating crazy and loud art, reflecting their own styles and appereances.
A few blocks later, you are walking pass a college. Students leaning on the outside walls, chatting with each other, checking schedules, wearing jackets that remind you of Andrew Clark in „The Breakfast Club“.

You keep strolling.


Get the image?
See the life and the hustle of a big city before your inner eye?
How you are strolling from court to street in it?


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