A seemingly harmless pastime could contribute to heart disease – Here's how to avoid it

If you’re suffering from chest pain, shortness of breath or fainting, seek emergency medical care – it could be signs of heart disease. Are you at risk?

Heart Research UK reported “there is evidence to show that prolonged periods of sitting can increase your risk of developing heart disease”.

It’s fairly common for people to lead a more sedentary lifestyle nowadays – here’s how.

Lots of jobs involve sitting at a desk, or sitting down in a vehicle for extended periods of time – especially when there’s traffic.

The next tip is pointed towards office workers who may feel chained to their desks.

Break free! With the government announcement advising people to work at home over winter, people are missing out…

People who used to cycle, walk or take public transport aren’t moving their body as much as they used to.

All these pockets of inactivity add up, which could increase your weight, and put your health at risk.

If your hobbies include reading, needlework or computer games – they all involve sitting down for far too long – then try a new hobby.

Is there a cycling group where you live? Or a walking group? Fancy a hand at DIY or getting green thumbs? Focus on activities that get you moving.

The last tip is to walk or cycle to your nearby shops, as carrying shopping counts as exercise.

Moreover, why not go old-school – ditch online shopping and treat yourself in a shopping centre.


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