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A long-established football club is wound up owing more than £500,000 (Wigan in danger of being wound up like Macclesfield, administrators warn, 16 September), on the same day that Spurs say they are confident about re-engaging the services of a player earning £600,000 a week (Tottenham close to re-signing Gareth Bale on loan from Real Madrid, 16 September). Funny old game.
Toby Wood
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

• In the 1970s my mother was rehoused by her local council. She went to live on the 11th floor of a tower block in South Acton, west London. She was delighted to have a balcony (Room to breathe – how we entered the golden age of the balcony, 17 September). She immediately rigged up a washing line. “It saves on the electric bills,” she explained.
Lesley Matthews
Shipley, West Yorkshire

• You did it again. Another spider horror story (Country diary, 14 September). No warning for us arachnophobes, which I had requested last time (Letters, 7 September). If this continues, I shall have to scuttle off to the Times – ending a 60-year relationship.
Bev Littlewood
Richmond, London

• Why, in a photo in your print edition by the artist Spencer Tunick, showing several naked people lying down at Alexandra Palace (Masks must be worn … but nothing else, 17 September), do the males appear to have their genitals blocked out? We know that part of human anatomy exists, so why hide it?
Judy Hill

• I was surprised to hear a BBC newsreader say: “David Cameron was the fifth-former prime minister to criticise the government.” I know he looks young, but – still at school?
Paul Mileham

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