A rescued blind bison makes her first friend after spending years alone

They’re just so cute together (Picture: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary)

Grab the tissues and get ready for a tearjerker.

A blind bison named Helen has lived at the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon for years, roaming the fields and hoping to one day make a friend.

Because of her nervous disposition, she spent most of her time alone.

That is, until now – Helen, who has been aching for a pal, has finally met someone she gets along with.

Say hello to Oliver, a young Jersey calf who has fought his way into Helen’s heart with his gentle curiosity and kind manner.

The two are now best friends and do everything together, so much so that Oliver’s fur has changed in shade to match Helen’s.

‘He’s actually turned into a baby buffalo,’ Gwen Jakubisin at the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary told USA Today.

‘The change in her demeanor is incredible, her joy is palpable.’

There are around 250 farm animals at the sanctuary, and thanks to her new friendship, Helen has started to reach out to the others to extend her social circle.

She has also become something of a surrogate mum for Oliver.

‘Betsy (Oliver’s mom) usually drops Oliver off at “daycare” and roams around while Helen watches over him for the rest of day, and she’s cool with that,’ said Gwen.

‘I catch them grooming each other, which is amazing because I don’t think Helen has ever had that opportunity to express that motherly instinct before.’

Helen and Oliver are inseparable (Picture: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary)

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary rescues farm animals ‘who have seen the very worst of humanity’ and rehabilitates them in a safe, nurturing environment.

‘At Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary we believe that every individual has the right to freedom,’ the organisation’s description reads on its Facebook page.

‘Freedom from pain, freedom from fear, and freedom from oppression.

‘We provide those with the most heartbreaking stories hope and the promise of the freedom to be themselves. A promise of companionship, of love, and of care.

‘Our sanctuary is home to 250 non-human animals who have seen the very worst of humanity and every day they amaze us with their profound abilities to love and to be loved, even after the tragedies they have endured.

‘Our goal is to share their stories with the community and bring about positive change in the way they are viewed by society.

Helen looks after Oliver on the farm (Picture: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary)

‘By fostering beautiful, meaningful bonds between people and the animals they may see as “food” or as “things” we are changing the future for the individuals who mean so much to us.

‘People who visit and volunteer at the sanctuary often comment on the unique sense of peace they feel when being here.

‘All of our residents cohabitate peacefully and have strong friendships with one another. They know they are safe and loved. We like to call it a kind of magic created by love, trust, and understanding.’

People are mesmerised by Helen and Oscar’s beautiful friendship, with one person tweeting: ‘Just more proof that we all need love, in whatever form. #unlikelyfriendships.’

‘This is wonderful,’ someone else tweeted.

We’re not crying, you are.

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