A race for Indonesia's religious and social unity

“Run4U” was held last Sunday. Thousands took part in the event organised by Catholic groups in the Archdiocese of Jakarta. Proceeds will go to renovate some churches and support Catholic activities in the country.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Hundreds of people from different social and religions backgrounds took part in the “Run4U” walking-and-running race last Sunday in Serpong, Banten province. According to the organisers, the event attracted more than 3,500 people

Sponsored by various Catholic groups in the archdiocese of Jakarta, the race was held under the banner of Indonesia’s national motto, “United in diversity”.

One of the organisers, Widarani Paskah, told AsiaNews that “the long-term goal is to encourage Catholics and other religious groups to strengthen their commitment to protect and defend the pluralism of Indonesian society.”

“The run is used to finance the construction of a church in the Diocese of Larantuka, Nusa Tenggara province, support the restructuring of a church in Bekasi, to help local catholics in Ciputat to renovate their pastoral building and to boost morale young activists in BPP PKK KAJ (Jakarta Archdiocese’s Body for the Charismatic Renewal Service) to execute their programs,” she added.

At a time when the Indonesia’s pluralistic society is endangered by strong “identity politics”, promoting such events is very important for the organisers.

In a statement, Mgr Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo, Archbishop of Jakarta, noted: “If we do not have strong faith and do not apply it in good deeds and actions, then perhaps there is something wrong with our faith. However, if we joyfully exercise our religious beliefs in good and fruitful actions for others, then we are motivated to do more to help others.”


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