A Plus fumes as Ghanaian immigration officer orders 2 men to slap each other several times

The video has been making rounds online and political activist, Kwame A Plus has joined other well-meaning Ghanaians to condemn the officer whose conduct has been described as unprofessional.

According to him, it is hypocritical of Ghanaians to react to human rights abuse incidents abroad with all the energy in them but would not use the same energy to react when similar or even worse abuses are meted out to their compatriots in their own country.

He alluded to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ in the United States of America and police brutalities in Nigeria that resulted in the #ENDSARS protest which gained global attention last year.

In the video in question, the armed and uniformed officer is heard screaming at the young men before dragging them close to each other in the presence of other officers and bystanders.

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As the young men slapped each other, the officer who thought they were doing it too moderately slapped them himself to exemplify how hard he expected them to hit each other.

It is unclear what offence they may have committed to warrant the treatment the officer inflicted on them.

“You are in Ghana condemning police brutality in America and Nigeria

“This is what your brothers in Ghana go through on the streets daily. An immigration officer can just arrest two young men and ask them to slap each other. And if the slap is not hard enough as he expects, he teaches them how to slap by giving them harder ones – and this is 2021. @ghanaimmigrationservice you see what your men are doing on the street?” Kwame A Plus captioned the video of the immigration officer’s ‘unprofessional’ conduct.

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