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A new chapter in the fight against Amazon | Brief letters


You report a most welcome attempt to combat the US giant (‘This is revolutionary’: new online bookshop unites indies to rival Amazon, 2 November). While large supermarkets will remain open to sell a wide range of goods, including “non-essential” items, small book (and music) shops will have to suffer a second lockdown even though they contribute hugely to mental health and, in my experience, have been meticulous in taking precautions against the pandemic.
Richard Norton-Taylor

I have a bit of sympathy for Zoe Williams (Think the coronavirus rules aren’t being enforced? My Wetherspoon’s run-in says otherwise, 1 November). I have a whole lot more sympathy for the minimum-wage employee now embarrassed by national newspaper coverage for simply doing his difficult job properly.
John Huntley

I can assure Roshan Pedder (Letters, 1 November) that there was certainly no trick or bribery involved in getting two of my letters published on the same day, although I must admit to a tiny frisson at achieving something that I believe has eluded even Keith Flett.
John Rowe
Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Would a good old-fashioned hot water bottle help wheelchair and mobility scooter users keep warm during cold spells (Letters, 1 November)?
Geraldine Blake
Worthing, West Sussex

Has Nigel Farage considered forming the Latest Bandwagon party (Reform UK: Brexit party to rebrand as anti-lockdown voice, 2 November)?
Dr Michael Paraskos

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