A Guide to the Wild Amount of Drama That Has Roiled Deadliest Catch

“He had to go away for some of the crimes he committed there for a little bit and, going on five months now…He had one hiccup in five months and it was a very small hiccup, so no… he’s doing really good,” Josh continued.

“He’s got a good attitude and he’s definitely doing things that I thought I would never see in a lifetime. I talked to him about every other day. I’ve got high hopes for him. If he continues this upward track and with the treatment and stuff, he might have himself a spot on the Cornelia Marie again. So, we’ve got our fingers crossed and he’s doing really well and excelling in all of his classes and stuff. So it’s a huge deal for me, and then for him too, obviously. But I foresee him most likely coming back to the boat in the near future.”

Josh credited Sig Hansen for giving Jake a place aboard the Northwestern after their dad died, and for “trying to get him to pull his head out of his keister, which is a tough job sometimes,” while Josh Anderson—his neighbor at sea and down the road from him on land—”is like family to me, he’s a really good guy.”

Johnathan Hillstrand, who along with brother and co-captain Andy Hillstrand loves taking the piss out of their pals, “is like my brother/second dysfunctional father,” Josh added. “He’s Jonathan Hillstrand. What more do you need to say? If you haven’t been ‘Harris-ed,’ you’ve probably been ‘Hill-stranded.'”


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