A Ghost May or May Not Ruin Terry Bradshaw's Quarantine Plans on The Bradshaw Bunch

Anything ghost in quarantine!

Nationwide shutdowns, travel bans and quarantine measures are starting to take effect on Thursday’s all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, and Terry Bradshaw is determined to get his loved ones together to weather out the storm that is coronavirus on his sprawling ranch.

In the clip, the NFL legend makes his case via videochat, starting out by telling his three daughters Rachel, Erin and Lacey that he’s “got some news.” 

“I ordered tons of food, drinks and stuff,” Terry says as the cameras flash to him and his wife Tammy unpacking a huge box of toilet paper. “What do you say? Grab the kids and the husbands, pack a bag and just come up. We have plenty of room. And let’s all stay here together!”

The girls ultimately say yes, but they’re hesitant for a few reasons.

“I love you guys, but Dad wakes up every single day, 4 a.m., gets his coffee…” Rachel tells Erin, who adds, “The Eagles are playing, nine weiner dogs running through the kitchen…”

“It’s a s–t show,” Rachel says. “We’re gonna f–king kill each other.”


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