A Different Way of Immigrating to the US

Way of Immigrating to the US

The United States is one of the most visited countries in the world due to the high level of development and a stable economy. Some of the different reasons why a lot of people want to visit the country may differ since there are a lot of beautiful places and things to see in the country. The process of immigrating to the United States may not be that easy, especially if one does not have the right information about the steps and procedures that will lead to a successful immigration process. There are two different ways by which one can migrate to the United States without going through stress, i.e., the non-immigrant visa and immigrant visa. To achieve your goal, it is always advisable that you know where you stand in terms of your nationality. Some nationalities have upper hand due to their country’s relationship with the US; thus knowing this will help in achieving your goal.

The question, what is ESTA? Is for visa waiver program countries. This is a document that gives citizens of visa waiver program countries entry to the United States. ESTA application is required for them to gain access to the US.

Immigrant visa

There are different categories of USA visa that falls under the immigrant visa. If you are not in the USA and you want to immigrate into the country, then you will need to apply for this type of visa. Below are the different types of immigration visas:

Student visa

This is a good way to immigrate into the USA without going through so much stress. It is available for students who want to further their education in the land of opportunities. The whole process involves seeking admission in any of the numerous tertiary institutions in the country. There are lots of universities that are always willing to admit qualified applicants. No matter the university or college, there are different rules and requirements; thus, it is better that applicants double check to achieve a good result. Some of the requirements may include a test of English score, transcript, and lots more. Upon getting admitted, the school is expected to send the i-20 letter as proof of admission. Applicants are meant to tender the letter doing visa interview if there is a need to do so. Also, a sponsor’s financial statement is required before one can be granted US visa.

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Work visas

This is another good way to immigrate into the United States. It entails that one gets a job in the USA before the visa interview. The firm is expected to file for such an individual, and this makes the visa easy. This type of visa is limited and may be given to professionals only.

Family-based immigration

This is a common way to immigrate into the United States because it is a little bit straight forward. Applicants must have at least a family member who is a citizen or permanent resident of the US. Such individuals will file for their relatives before the visa interview. This process may take a long time, but it is reliable. The applicant may be entitled to a green card. Note having a green card is not the same as being a US citizen.

Immigrant investor visa

This is another way to immigrate into the United States. As an entrepreneur who can invest a minimum of $500,000 and also employ a minimum of 5 workers to various full-time positions has the right to an investor visa. This is easy for rich individuals that want to invest in the US economy and at the same time want to immigrate into the country. This is not for everyone because it requires huge capital that only rich entrepreneur can afford.

Asylum seeking

Another sure way to immigrate into the USA is by seeking asylum. This can be done by appearing in any United States port of entering and proving to be persecuted in your home country. There is a need to show genuine prove before one can be granted entry. Most of the affected individuals are always victims of religion, social group, and race war attacks. There have been numerous cases whereby asylum seekers lie about their reasons, and this single act did not give them the chance to immigrate.

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Visa lottery

This is a game of luck that as given a lot of people the chance to be a citizen of the US. It is an immigration program for very nationalities except for few that have over 50000 citizens through the visa lottery over the years. If you want to play the visa lottery, check if you are eligible. A lot of people participate in the visa lottery because it is the cheapest and the easiest way to immigrate into the USA.


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