A CAP more concerned with animal welfare?

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This week in Talking Europe, we’re putting a special focus on farming and the well-being of farm animals. Amid ongoing health and economic crises, mindsets and practices alike are changing fast – but will that last?

The question of animal welfare is taking a growing place both in domestic political debates and at the European level – with nine out ten French people now calling it an important issue. Eating habits are changing amid the pandemic too, with nearly 60 percent of the French saying they’ve reduced their meat consumption. Eating local and organic has become more and more popular.

As the EU works out the details of both the European Green Deal and its new Common Agricultural Policy, the future of agriculture on the continent is in question. Can it ensure the well-being of animals and farmers alike? Does Europe need a new label for goods that meet animal welfare standards? Can there even be real animal welfare in a livestock operation – and how? Can the continent ensure quality, standards and economic independence?

In our report from two French farming regions where all these questions are now front and centre, we talk to farmers, researchers and activists, all of whom have high expectations of Europe.

Report by Xavier Chemisseur, Stéphane Bodenne, Céline Schmitt and Johan Bodin.

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