A Botched Patient's Secret Silicone Butt Puts Her Whole Life Into Question

Yet, Dr. Dubrow still estimated the success rate of any surgery would only be between five and 25 percent. “But there’s a chance,” Dr. Dubrow added.

Yuliana cried, “There’s hope, yes.”

Once in the surgery room, Dr. Dubrow realized that one fat flap was still intact. “I’m hoping it’ll do something, at least a little bit, to restore normal body contour,” he noted of “the art of flap surgery,” joking that “the problem is my canvas isn’t very good.”

Yuliana’s “labor-intensive” case ultimately was a success—even though she still had silicone left in her butt. “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass…literally,” Dr. Dubrow summed up.


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