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Inmates Terry Loveless, Walter Whitehead and Mitchell Smalls are being called heroes after the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia spotlighted their quick thinking behind bars. 

“We are deeply appreciative to these three inmates for the courage, determination and kindness they displayed when they came to the rescue of our deputy who recently suffered a medical emergency while supervising a jail housing unit,” the police shared on Facebook. “The inmates noticed our deputy appeared to be feeling poorly as he conducted his security procedures in the housing unit. Although they were locked in their cells, they kept an eye on him as he returned to his seat at the deputy desk, where he lost consciousness and fell onto the concrete floor, splitting his head open.”

The post continued, “The inmates whose rooms were close enough to see what was happening began pounding on their doors. Soon the entire unit was thundering with noise as many inmates pounded on the doors shouting for our deputy who lay unconscious and heavily bleeding on the floor. Our deputy later stated that while he did not realize he’d been unconscious, he became aware of what sounded like pounding drums and could hear inmates shouting his name over and over. He immediately thought an inmate needed help and somehow managed to rise to his feet and press the control panel to open cell doors.”

The three inmates rushed out of their rooms to render aid. They also sought help with the use of the deputy’s desk phone and his radio. Their efforts were successful and help arrived almost immediately. The deputy survived the harrowing incident and is recovering at home.

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“While there are many stereotypes about both law enforcement officers and incarcerated people, this story beautifully illustrates that everyone is capable of greatness,” Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Deputy Shannon Volkodav shared with E! News. “Deputy Hobbs earned the respect of these inmates and they were determined to reach him when he needed help. It’s a great reminder that heroes can wear very different uniforms.” 


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