7 best massage candles for a romantic night in (that actually boast tonnes of skin benefits – win, win)

Massage candles may not be a product you’re overly familiar with, but after a year (plus) of national lockdowns, they’re more popular than ever. In a bid to spice up life in the bedroom, couples up and down the country have been investing in massage oil candles in abundance – from the likes of NEOM Organics, LELO and Rituals – as a form of sex life TLC. Sure, you could make a beeline for sex toysvibrators, sex toy dice or the like – from online sex toy shops… but massage candles inject luxury and intrigue that other sexual wellness products can’t.

They’re inexpensive, small in size and can awaken many senses at once when used in foreplay. Plus, the aphrodisiac fragrances and essential oils used within them (think soybean, coconut oil, cocoa butter, French lavender and luxurious jasmine) set the mood like nothing else. And who doesn’t love a massage? Exactly.

Oh, and there’s more: massage candles boast tonnes of skin benefits. Veteran beauty sleuths unite, because the best massage candles will moisturise and hydrate the skin while you’re getting intimate with your partner. Take NEOM’s Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, for example. Nourishing cocoa butter has been blended with soybean oil and almond oil to leave skin smooth and silky soft, as well as deliver therapeutic benefits for the mind. What’s not to adore?

Are massage candles dangerous?

Not if you invest in one of the best massage candles, over massage candles sold by lesser-known (read: a bit dodgy) retailers. If you’ve not heard of the brand in question, it might be best to bypass, since some massage candles burn at a temperature that could burn your skin. Not ideal.

The massage candles listed below burn at around 38C, which is safe and around the same temperature as a hot bath. Much lower than a bog-standard candle. As such, they don’t burn the skin – and since they’re made from soy, you’re not left having to peel dried wax off your skin.

How to use a massage candle

If you’ve never introduced a massage candle into the bedroom before, you might be wondering how to go about things safely. After all, winding up with burnt skin is anything but sexy. As well as investing in one of the products we’ve recommended due to their safe burning temperatures, there are a few other steps to follow.

1. Don’t use a normal candle. Please.

First up: don’t just use your normal scented candle or that summer candle you picked up to make your bedroom smell like a tropical paradise. Please. It might sound obvious, but using a candle from your living room will result in burns. And scarring. And may be a trip to A&E. Do. Not. Do. This.

2. Let the candle burn evenly for 30 minutes

Let your massage candle burn evenly for around half-an-hour. This’ll ensure all of the wax is fully melted, and you won’t be left with solid clumps that make a massage difficult to carry out.

3. Blow the candle OUT before use

Before using the wax, blow out the candle. Soy-based wax won’t harden up with the blink of an eye. Instead, it’ll remain in liquid form for around 30 minutes after blowing the candle out. This gives you plenty of time to pour it onto your partner’s body. Some massage candles even come with a little spatula or brush to make the process of extracting wax from the tin or case much easier.

4. Know where to pour

Where to pour the wax from a massage candle? Somewhere around the neck and shoulders is ideal. Or, given the hydrating powers of soy massage wax, any other area of dry skin which needs a good old moisturise. Where NOT to pour it? Don’t, under any circumstances, get wax inside your body. Don’t let it drip inside the vagina or onto the labia, unless you want to wind up with a yeast infection.

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