60th Independence Anniversary: Project to honour 60 eminent Nigerians unveiled in Abuja

From Nicholas Kalu, Abuja

A project to honour 60 eminent Nigerians who were born in 1960, the year of independence, and have contributed to the development of the country has been unveiled in Abuja.

Tagged Project 6060, those shortlisted to be celebrated would have distinguished themselves through “diligence, hardwork, and patriotism to their fatherland and most importantly, contributed immensely to national development”.

The Project is in collaboration with Sprezzatura Publishing and has as its theme “Unveiling the 60 eminent nation builders at 60”.

Addressing reporters during the unveiling in Abuja, the Chairman of the Project, Dr Abubakar Mohammed Sani, said they also aim to enable Nigerians understand one another so that we can live together peaceful as a country.

Sani, who said the project would be launched in October 1, the country’s 60th anniversary, pointed out that shortlisted Nigerians to be featured in the Project 6060 compendium.

He said despite the fact that the country has gone through a lot, like the Civil War, coup d’etat and annulled elections, it still remains one united entity.

This he said should be commended, as he urged all and sundry to continue to work for the unity and development of the country.

“Nigeria has survived a lot and part of the challenges we have survived as a nation is the prophetic projection of disintegration and it is with great joy we have witnessed the passing of this so-called prophecy. We have remained united as a country, 60 and still standing.

“In 1960 a great country was birthed alongside some great men and women who gave their youth and future for the country.

“The Nation Builders at 60 is a special publication which is aimed at celebrating outstanding individuals who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavours and contributed immensely to the Nigerian project.

“These individuals share and common bond with Nigeria by their birth in 1960, the year Nigeria gained independence from British colonial rule. It is also aimed at educating Nigerians about the rich and diverse cultures and experiences of the various people in Nigeria.

“The objective is to understand one another so that we can live together peaceful as a country. The publication will help to promote mutual understanding, foster inter-group harmony and tolerance, advance national cohesion and integration, and encourage peaceful co-existence as well as inspire the younger generation.

“Celebrating Nigeria: The Nation Builders at 60’ celebrates the gorgeous mosaic that is Nigeria.

“Diamonds Jubilee is not a simple achievement. The shortlisted 60 Nigerians to be featured in Project 6060 compendium will have distinguished themselves through diligence, hard work and patriotism to their fatherland and most importantly, contributed immensely to national development.

“It should be noted that these set of Nigerians will have witnessed and survived the civil war through perseverance, thrived and grew along with the country.

“The most beautiful part of Nigeria is its diversity. Oneness and tenacity to always be our brothers and sisters’ keepers. Together we have risen and together we stand a chance to be the greatest country in the world,” he said.

Also speaking, the Chairman, Editorial of the Project, Akanimo Samson, said Nigeria would be celebrating 60 years of its independence in this October and there still so many Nigerians who have not been recognized and whose contributions have not actually been documented.

He said it was apolitical, non-tribal and non-religious.

The project, he said, aims to address this as it seeks to celebrate those who despite their status in society have contributed meaningfully to the development of the country.

“In doing this, we are trying to pass that there could be dignity in labour if we really uphold the ethos of service,” he said.


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