50 gift ideas for men to suit every taste and budget

Gifts for men don ‘t need to be boring (Picture: Arket/Mahabis/Rosemood/Uniqlo/Zara/Getty)

Gifting for men can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when every shop seems to think dads, brothers, and boyfriends don’t deserve nice things.

Most of the items on shelves that focus on men do so in an overly masculine way, with camo print and 8-in-1 shower products dominating the market.

But here at we think pampering doesn’t have a gender, and men and women alike should get beautiful presents to open on Christmas day.

From luxe fragrance and grooming to genuinely useful stocking fillers, there’s something for everyone in our gift guide for him.

Prices start at under a tenner, with some showstoppers thrown in for good measure.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down 3D Cut Jacket

In this weather, a cosy jacket is a must (Picture: Uniqlo)

A block-colour puffer jacket works for dog walking, sport, or chilly pub gardens.

Uniqlo’s are the blueprint: water-repellent, lightweight, and with an anti-static lining.

Buy for £59.50 at Uniqlo.

This Works Sleep Spray Set

Gift this to someone who deserves some ‘me time’ (Picture: Space NK)

Get them the gift of relaxation with this lavender-infused sleep kit, with a pillow spray and roll-on to introduce aromatherapy to bedtime.

In mini sizes, regular travellers can give themselves a wind-down routine regardless of where they are in the world.

Buy for £10 from Space NK.

Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

Woolover’s sweater is made from 100% cashmere (Picture: Woolover)

For a little touch of luxury, consider cashmere or merino.

The natural fibres elevate a basic jumper to something more refined. Plus, as long as your giftee takes care of it, this 2ply threaded option from Woolover will be their wardrobe staple for every season.

Buy for £99 from Woolover.

Foil Fabric Hardback Notebook

Artisanally made in France, your recipient will be proud to display this on their desk (Picture: Atelier Rosemood)

A foiled notebook makes for a personalised gift that’s not tacky or childish, which can be a rare find.

Choose your message and Rosemood will use hot foil to stamp it onto the hardback book in silver or copper. Each one is handcrafted in their studio in Nantes, and sewn together using traditional binding techniques.

Buy for £25 from Atelier Rosemood.

Beats Solo Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Go for on-ear headphones if they’re prone to losing earbuds (Picture: John Lewis)

Beats Solo headphones have had a redesign, now boasting 40-hour battery life, Class 1 Bluetooth technology, and acoustics that boost the clarity of every musical note.

This model also has comfort-cushion ear-cups, to buffer outside noise for music lovers on the go.

Buy for £129 at John Lewis.

Flannel Pyjama Trousers

Buy PJ bottoms separately so they can mix and match with tops (Picture: Arket)

Scandi clothing and homeware store, Arket, is the place to go for luxe essentials – like these 100% organic cotton pyjama bottoms.

Home workers will appreciate practical features like the seashell button fly and back pocket, while eco-conscious folks can be assured they’re wearing pesticide-free cotton.

Buy for £55 from Arket.

Sprout Plantable Pencils

Reducing waste and encouraging nature (Picture: Amazon)

Teachers, builders, architects, composers – all jobs that use pencils every single day. If you’re buying for someone that’s always got a pencil behind their ear, gift them Sprouts at Christmas. Not that kind.

Each pack of these graphite pencils includes a seed pod in the end. Plant it and give the utensil a new life after it’s been sharpened to a nub.

Buy for £10.95 from Amazon.

Mahabis Curve Slipper

Slippers so nice they could pass for shoes (Picture: Mahabis)

Slippers are a somewhat cliché Christmas present for men, but they don’t need to be a panic buy stocking stuffer.

Mahabis regulate foot temperature with their Italian wool lining, with a durable rubber sole to add grip (and save their feet getting wet if they nip outside). Added bonus, they’re machine washable.

Buy for £99 from Mahabis.

Calligraphy Guide Notebook

Three sheets guide your cursive handwriting, with 80 sheets for practising (Picture: Zara Home)

We’re all trying to reduce our screen time, with hands-on hobbies like crafting and calligraphy making a comeback.

Zara Home’s calligraphy guidebook shows how to form each letter and has plenty of pages for practicing – a great introduction to the pastime.

Buy for £19.99 at Zara Home.

Serge DeNimes Gold Abyssal Ring

Men need sparkly jewellery for Christmas too (Picture: Stuarts)

Buying jewellery is so personal it can be daunting to buy for another, but a simple Sovereign ring is a good bet if you’re not sure.

From Oliver Proudlock’s brand Serge DeNimes, the Abyssal ring is understated without being boring, in gold-plated Sterling silver.

Buy for £70 from Stuarts London.

Roasting Tin Around The World by Rukmini Iyer

Make recipes from global cuisines in just one tin (Picture: Sainsbury’s)

Rukmini Iyer’s Roasting Tin book series has been a major hit around the world, serving up one pot wonder recipes low on washing up but big on flavour.

The Around The World edition takes it global, featuring fuss-free dishes from across the planet.

Buy for £10 from Sainsbury’s.

Smoked Old Fashioned Bottled Cocktail

Pre-bottled cocktails take the effort out of home tipples (Picture: The Cocktail Society)

Your giftee can enjoy cocktails at home without the mess or effort with these ready-to-drink mixes.

A smokey finish takes this old fashioned to a new level, and there are more to choose from including espresso martini and negroni.

Buy for £28 from The Cocktail Society.

Cameo video messages

Choose their favourite celeb and get them a personalised video message (Picture: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

If the man in your life already seems to have everything, a physical gift might not be the best route.

With Cameo, you can pay to receive a personalised video message from celebrities using the platform, whether that’s a heartfelt ‘Merry Christmas’ or a comedy roast.

Depending on your giftee’s tastes, you can choose from Hollywood A-listers, athletes, and niche influencers, from Sir Geoff Hurst to Basil Brush

Prices vary, check out the options on Cameo.

Veske Boddin Daypack

Leather detailing and padded straps make this daypack a go-to (Picture: Veske)

An all-purpose backpack built to last, the Veske Boddin is designed and handcrafted in Dundee using specialist Halley Stevensons waxed cotton.

The roll top affords more room if needed, and uses a lateral sliding Fidlock fastening to keep the contents secure.

Buy for £217.50 from Veske.

Christmas Lager Crate

Craft lager is a good alternative to hoppier IPAs and ales (Picture: BeerHawk)

12 craft lagers and a beer glass makes up this set from BeerHawk, focusing on lagers from around the world.

The beers themselves are varied, from Harviestoun Shiehallion brewed in Scotland to the Mexican Pacifico Clara Pilsner.

Buy for £32 at BeerHawk.

Jollie Socks Subscription

Each month they’ll get a pair or two of sustainable socks (Picture: Jollie Socks)

Socks for Christmas? Groundbreaking. Although these ones actually are, as Jollie have a ‘wear a pair, share a pair’ policy that matches your purchase to send socks (one of the least donated items) to shelters when you buy.

A Jollie Sock subscription can be paid for monthly or in advance, and you can opt for your friend to receive up to two pairs a month.

Prices start at £10 a pair at Jollie Socks.

Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorisers

The bananas turn brown when they need to be replaced (Picture: Amazon)

Sweaty shoes are a common problem for people who keep active, and the moisture can lead to lingering smells or eventually degrade the shoe itself.

Boot Bananas trap odours using absorbent molecules, fitting perfectly inside trainers to keep them smelling fresh and lasting for up to two years. A gym kit necessity that’ll save your recipient both money and smelly-feet-shame.

Buy for £14 from Amazon.

The North Face Reversible Beanie

The reversible hat is super warm but without the bulk (Picture: Millets)

While The North Face is a popular fashion brand right now, it’s still known for its hard-working outerwear.

A beanie like this one – made from 100% recycled polyester knit fleece – will be a hit style-wise as well as during the long British winter.

Buy for £23.40 (down from £27) at Millets.

Tarot Candle

Crystals sit in the wax and can be cleaned off for future spells and intention-setting (Picture: Witchy Candles)

You might be seeing the word death and thinking it doesn’t belong on a Christmas present. In the tarot world, though, death is a positive card that represents transformation and growth.

Each of Witchy Candles’ tarot options has its own unique scent – and includes related crystals in the wax to keep afterwards. But perhaps buy your giftee a less scary one (like The Sun or The High Priestess) if they’re not au fait with the card’s meaning.

Buy for £36 from Witchy Candles.

Cool Vetiver Eau De Toilette

Perfect for an everyday scent (Picture: M&S)

At stocking filler prices, M&S has an extensive range of fragrances that smell suspiciously like high-end alternatives.

Cool Vetiver is a dead ringer for Tiffany & Love For Him, featuring similar citrus notes and aromatics like sandalwood… but at about 10% of the price.

Buy for £9.50 at M&S.

Daven Metal Storage Box Trunks

Natural and warm tones are dominating decor trends right now (Picture: Made)

Homeware obsessives will love receiving these minimalistic storage trunks from Made this Christmas.

In a pack of two warm-toned metal boxes, they’re a far better storage solution than the ‘man drawer’.

Buy for £89 at Made.

London Night Paint By Numbers

As well as scenes like this, more abstract and modern options are available (Picture: Adult Paint By Number)

Painting by numbers isn’t just for kids, it’s a soothing activity that can help any age group relax and learn the basics of art.

This Westminster scene is intricate enough to offer a challenge to the man in your life – and they get a hand-painted artwork to hang up when they finish.

Buy for £15.46 (down from the RRP of £30.91) from Adult Paint By Number.

4505 yoga mat in black with carry strap

Good basics are always a welcome gift (Picture: Asos)

Replace your yogi loved one’s mat with this sleek option from Asos’s 4505 range.

Carry straps make it easy to transport, while non-slip materials mean they won’t fly across the room trying to Asana.

Buy for £16 at Asos.

Growable Calendar

Each month you get different plant seeds, with fruit and veg as well as flowers (Picture: Primoza)

You don’t need much of a green finger to make this work, nor a big garden, as this calendar is suited to ‘beginners and urban gardeners’.

The plastic-free calendar’s 12 seed paper strips can be planted into soil, with growing tips for each month to get them on the right track.

Buy for £24.90 from Primoza.

Vitae London Elmington Chrono Watch

A portion of sales goes to provide solar lighting to deprived children in parts of Africa (Picture: Vitae London)

Black-owned brand Vitae London make luxurious watches without outrageous price tags.

Their Elmington range can be bought with interchangeable straps and bezel in a choice of silver, rose gold, and gold, so this one watch face can give you multiple looks in one.

Buy for £229 from Vitae London.

Plant Leather Card Holder and Belt Set

Suitable for vegans – and chic men in general (Picture: Veo)

You’d never believe these Watson and Wolfe accessories aren’t leather, but they’re actually made using non-food grade corn.

The material comprising this wallet and belt contains more than 30% plant content and is vegan-friendly, designed to last as long as animal leather would.

Buy for £70 from Veo.

Famous Grouse Marmalade and Fudge Gift Set

The sweet treats are infused with the taste of Famous Grouse whisky (Picture: Lakeland)

You don’t need to splash the cash on aged collectable malts when buying for whisky enthusiasts.

Whisky-infused foods will delight them just as much, and they can enjoy a dram on toast with this marmalade and fudge set – all under a tenner.

Buy for £9.99 at Lakeland.

Lazy Oaf Skater Dog Keyring

Get them stocking fillers they’ll use (Picture: Lazy Oaf)

For a keyring, this has considerable cool points. Lazy Oaf’s signature cartoon illustrations and a carabiner keeps it functional yet fashionable.

Buy for £8 from Lazy Oaf.

Barbour Bamboo Lunch Box and Cutlery

The box also comes with a bamboo knife and fork (Picture: Barbour)

This sleek lunch box and cutlery set will suit those on the go, or folks going back to the office after working from home.

Use the silicone strip to secure the box and prevent spills.

Buy for £17.95 from Barbour.

Jean Michel Basquiat Converse

Street art motifs jazz up the standard black pair of Chuck Taylor’s (Picture: Office)

Every shoe closet needs a trusty pair of Converse high tops.

Featuring the iconic Pez Dispenser image by Jean-Michel Basquiat and the artist’s signature printed on the tongue, this pair says ‘I’m cultured’ (even if they aren’t).

Buy for £61.95 at Office.

Remington Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Charge for two hours for 60 minutes’ usage (Picture: Boots)

Remington’s Vacuum beard trimmer solves one of the main issues around shaving: the mess.

Its integrated vacuum system sucks hair into a chamber where it can be tidily disposed of, and styling and edging tools give greater control over the finished look.

Buy for £34.99 (down from the RRP of £69.99) from Boots.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

The Evening Standard called A Little Life ‘a novel that changes you’ (Picture: Amazon)

Following the lives of a group of friends, A Little Life explores male friendships and what it means to grow up.

The bestseller is both heartbreaking and touching – just make sure they haven’t already read it first.

Buy for £8.64 on Amazon

Show And Listen LP Frame

No more choosing between display and play (Picture: Gear4Music)

Vinyl collectors can be precious about their records, and many choose to display their favourites rather than using them.

As this frame easily opens up while attached to the wall, your musical giftee can show off their LPs and still listen.

Buy for £18.99 at Gear4Music.

Coached Painting Class

They can paint their favourite photograph and translate it to paint (Picture: Obby)

Encourage their artistic talents with an in-person painting class coached by a professional artist. They can pick a photo from their phone and use a lightbox to recreate it on canvas.

The London workshops include all materials, a complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and a sweet treat.

Buy for £45 from Obby.

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

It’s battery powered for portability (Picture: Amazon)

Does the man in your life work on his feet? He’ll fall to his knees opening this one.

With 18 massage heads, toe touch control, and optional heating capabilities, this Shiatsu device kneads and calms sore feet without requiring mains power.

Buy for £39.99 (reduced from £59.99) from Amazon. 

Glow Hub Zit Zap Wand Pride Bundle

An Asos exclusive, this comes with a branded headband (Picture: Asos)

Your gift recipient doesn’t need a 12-step skincare routine to appreciate this handy product, which can be swiped over spots to sooth and kill bacteria.

20% of the proceeds from this limited edition pack go to GLAAD, and as well as the rollerball tool you get a rainbow headband – perfect for keeping their hair out of the way as they banish blemishes.

Buy for £14 from Asos.

Ace and Tate Neil Large Sunglasses

All of the brand’s eyewear is designed in Amsterdam and made using high-quality materials (Picture: Ace and Tate)

A decent pair of sunglasses is a necessity for a refined gentleman.

Ace and Tate’s Neil style is bang on trend, and pairs come with a two-year guarantee. You can also add their prescription to the lenses.

Buy for £100 (without prescription added) from Ace and Tate.

Alive and Kicking Rugby Ball

The nonprofit works throughout subsaharan Africa (Picture: Alive and Kicking)

Alive and Kicking is the world’s only nonprofit ball manufacturer, creating jobs and providing education in deprived areas of subsaharan Africa.

Every panel in this rugby ball is stitched by hand by their highly-skilled staff, who all receive a fair wage in order to support their families.

Buy for £30 from eBay.

Champion Boxer Pack

Baggy or threadbare pants are not the vibe (Picture: Next)

Level up your giftee’s underwear drawer with a two-pack of Champion boxers for Christmas.

Pants may not be a showstopping present, but they’re considered essentials for a reason.

Buy for £19 at Next.

Liam Silk Polka Dot Tie

A boujie tie can be a work staple or worn to weddings and formal events (Picture: Reiss)

For men who need to suit up for work, a tie will always be a welcome gift.

From Reiss, the Liam is about as far from a gaudy Santa tie as you can get, crafted from pure silk and in an understated burgundy shade.

Buy for £45 from Reiss.

Cooks Corner Gift Box

Maldon salt, organic vinegar, and truffle oil all feature (Picture: FodaBox)

We all love a hamper, but serious foodies need more niche ingredients, which this one has in spades.

From beer bread to roast potato oil, they’ll be cooking up a storm in no time.

Buy for £99 from Fodabox

Stephen Mundy Art Print

Affordable pieces that tell stories and provide income to the artists (Picture: The Big Issue)

The Big Issue Shop sells a number of works by disabled or vulnerable people, giving you a chance to gift something with a story that also gives back.

This print was created by Stephen Mundy upon his release from prison and documents his mindset during that difficult time.

He says that art has helped his mental health greatly, and – happy ending – Stephen is attending college and no longer homeless.

Buy for £20 from The Big Issue Shop.

Mini Coffee Explorer Box Set

Have their coffee ground just the way they like it (Picture: Fountain Rock Coffee Roasters)

Switch up their morning coffee with this pack from Fountain Rock that includes pouches of their Coastal Christmas Blend, Burning Cliff Seasonal Blend, and Duromina #3.

You can also choose different grind options, from whole beans to fine espresso.

Buy for £10 from Fountain Rock Coffee Roasters.

Canon EOS 4000D DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras can be pricey, but this one’s slightly more affordable than others available (Picture: Amazon)

Considered to be a great starter DSLR, the Canon EOS 4000D is ideal for photography newbies. Reviewers say it’s easy to use and matches up to more expensive models on the market.

This one comes with a 64G Memory Card too.

Buy for £365.98 from Amazon.

Habitat Mid Century Vase

Go on, get the man in your life a bouquet (Picture: Habitat)

Men are often left out as far as bouquets are concerned. Remedy that with this stylish vase (and a bunch of flowers to go with it if you’re feeling generous).

Mid century homeware is all the rage at the moment, but this is neutral enough to stay stylish regardless of trends.

Buy for £12 from Habitat.

American Crew Forming Cream Duo

A detox shampoo sample is also in the set (Picture: LookFantastic)

Inside this kit your giftee will get two barber-approved products from American Crew – a cleansing shampoo and a jar of the forming cream for styling.

They’re packed with moisturising ingredients like lanolin to suit every hair type.

Buy for £17.56 (reduced from the RRP of £21.95) from LookFantastic.

Grey Towelling Cotton Robe

The humble goonie makes an amazing pressie (Picture: John Lewis)

Everyone needs a fluffy robe in winter, and this John Lewis one is made to last.

In absorbent towelling cotton, it’ll be a loungewear staple for years to come.

Buy for £60 from John Lewis.

Milk and Dark Chocolate Selection Box

Hedge your bets with milk and dark chocolate (Picture: Fortnum and Mason)

Chocolates are a handy gift if you’re buying for someone you don’t know super well, even more so if you’ve got a wide selection of options in there.

Look no further than Fortnum’s 245g milk and dark chocolate box, which has a mix of creams, caramels, marzipan, and fruit and nut clusters in flavours from rose to ginger.

Buy for £27 from Fortnum and Mason.

Rapha Cycling Club 12 Month Membership

The membership comes with a special gift (Picture: Rapha)

RCC membership gives cycling fans access to exclusive products and experiences, as well as to Rapha’s members-only forums.

The subscription pack gives them something to open and comes with a welcome gift too. This year’s is a cap designed Portuguese artist Braulio Amado.

Buy for £70 from Rapha.

Give It 10 Toilet Warning Sign

The obligatory passive aggressive novelty (Picture: Menkind)

What would a mens gift guide be without some toilet humour?

Particularly if you’re buying for your dad, it’s a requirement you include at least one present that backhandedly suggests they’re an uncivilised beast. We don’t make the rules…

Buy for £5 from MenKind.

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