5 (more) reasons you might not want to go back to the office

WHAT if you never had to go back to the office again?

No more awkward smells in the microwave; no more early-morning commute; no more desperate calls to friends and family to watch your child when a particularly nasty flu shuts nursery down for the week.

With boring colleagues and tedious chat, the office has lost the battle


With boring colleagues and tedious chat, the office has lost the battle

Add to that the fact that you’d never again miss dinner because of a closed Tube line, you get to decide for yourself whether the window stays open or closed and the only body odour you’d have to contend with is your own, and there’s a lot to recommend this work-from-home life.

Here are a few remote work perks you might not have thought of.

1 You have time to water your plants

One unforeseen side effect of early pandemic lockdowns was a boom in houseplant sales – meaning that a lot of us have some thirsty babies at home that need our constant attention.

Working from home means getting to keep an eye on our Monsteras and we can tend to them the minute their soil gets even the slightest bit dry.

2 And time to walk the dog…

You know those coffee breaks you used to while away at work, waiting for the kettle to boil or patiently standing in line for the toaster?

Well now you can make the most of your time by taking Fido for a little walk around the block. After all, 2.1 million of us acquired a pet during lockdown – how can we be expected to leave them alone ever again?!

3 You get more done

It’s official; working from home is more productive than working in the office.

A survey of more than 2,100 people who worked from home during the pandemic found that 51% reported being more productive working from home, while a paper by Stanford University senior fellow Nicholas Bloom found that remote work increased productivity by 13%.

Fewer distractions in the form of colleagues, ambient office sounds and random water cooler convos means more work gets done in less time. Result!

4. No one’s cooking fish in your microwave

Except you, obviously. (Yuck!)

5. You can enjoy your home

Did you know that you spend one third of your life working?

If you’re in an office, that’s a third of your life spent in an environment someone else chose and designed, with absolutely no input from you beyond the odd framed photo or nick nack placed on your desk.

When working from home you get to admire your book collection; pat yourself on the back for that excellent wallpaper purchase; or truly spend time sinking into the expensive sofa you couldn’t quite justify the price of (until now).

Is it any wonder that, according to Owl Labs, remote and hybrid employees are 22% happier than workers in an on-site office environment, and they stay in their jobs longer to boot?

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PR Account Manager, Infosys

The Job: The PR Account Manager at Fieldhouse Associates will lead projects across a number of clients in the fast-growth technology space.

What You’ll Do: You’ll be the point person for a vast portfolio of clients, developing strategic communication plans, providing guidance for clients and participating in the development and delivery of new business proposals and pitches, working two days in the firm’s London office and three from home.

You’ll Need: At least two years’ experience in a PR role, knowledge and interest in tech startups and high-tech innovation generally and strong written and verbal communication skills.

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Senior SAP Work Manager Consultant, Infosys

The Job: The Senior SAP Work Manager Consultant is intensely involved in business process consulting, defining problems and proposing and creating the solutions.

What You’ll Do: You’ll have the opportunity to shape value-adding consulting solutions that enable Infosys’ clients to meet the changing needs of the global landscape.

You’ll Need: A third-level degree or equivalent qualification from an accredited institution, or three years’ relevant working experience for each year of study and at least four years’ experience with Information Technology.

Apply Now: For more information on this Senior SAP Work Manager Consultant role and more jobs at Infosys see here.

Global Mobility Specialist, Paddy Power Betfair

The Job: The Global Mobility Specialist will help devise and advise on the group’s Global Mobility policy, systems and processes.

What You’ll Do: You’ll work with relocation service providers, HR, payroll and tax teams to provide accurate, complete and timely responses to Global Mobility queries.

You’ll Need: Previous experience working in global mobility, immigration or expatriate tax. Knowledge of international personal and employment tax matters would be an advantage.

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