40 funny and flirty opening lines to use on dating apps

The aim is to spark conversation with your match – and potentially more (Picture: Getty Images)

When online dating – as with meeting people in real life – the first impression is everything.

Unlike real-life meets, though, you can’t get away with flirty glances and smiles on an app; it all hangs on your opening line.

If you’ve been on the apps for a while, you’ll have heard the cheesy ‘did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ chat-ups – and while these may have worked for our parents, they’re now somewhat played out.

Asking someone questions about their profile is always a good way to start, as it shows them you’ve actually looked and aren’t going for stock openers.

Perhaps your match enjoys the same video game or music as you, or has been to somewhere you’ve also travelled. These are all great entry points.

In cases where their profile is a little sparse, or if you don’t share their hobbies, you’ll need to get a little more creative.

We’ve created a master list to give you some ideas, with XX all-purpose opening messages to catch their attention and get the conversation flowing.

From the flirty to the silly, there’s thankfully no pick-up lines, but plenty of jumping-off points for chatting more… and potentially a love connection.

Remember, some are jokey or suggestive, and that won’t fly with everyone – you’ll still need to use your better judgment here. The aim is a light-hearted conversation, not offending someone straight off the bat.

  1. Which song would you choose as the soundtrack for your life?
  2. Tell me two truths and a lie about you and I’ll try to guess which one’s fake.
  3. What’s your most controversial opinion?
  4. Tell me about your perfect Sunday…
  5. I want to hear your finest dad joke! Make me laugh/cringe, the cornier the better.
  6. You look just like [celebrity they look like]. Do you hear that all the time?
  7. Choose our date: A movie, boozy night out, or hiking?
  8. Help me choose what to make for dinner? I’ll buy you breakfast after our date in return…
  9. [Along with a dog/cat gif] Cat or dog person? Your response is required to determine whether we’re a match.
  10. Before we get chatting, I want you to know I’ll never send you unsolicited dick pics. Duck pics, though, I can’t promise anything [send picture of a duck].
  11. You’ve travelled loads! Where’s the best place you’ve been?
  12. Using only emojis, tell me your life story.
  13. If I made you dinner, what’s a meal that’d make you fall in love with me?
  14. How long have you lived in [city]? What’s your favourite restaurant/bar/day out here?
  15. [If they live in the same city as you] Hey, you’re not far from me! Have you ever tried restaurant/bar/day out?
  16. Favourite comedian, actor, and singer? Go!
  17. You had me at [something in their profile that made them stand out]…
  18. What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever received, or is it this message?
  19. You just won a million pounds, what’s the first thing you do?
  20. What will we tell our grandchildren when they ask how we met?
  21. [If they have a pet in their pictures] You have the most beautiful fur and whiskers I’ve ever seen, and your human is pretty cute too.
  22. What made you swipe right on me?
  23. I’m a [star sign], does that mean we’re compatible?
  24. I bet you a tenner we’d have a great date.
  25. I had a great opening line ready, but you’re so hot I’ve forgotten it.
  26. I’m using my last 2% battery to send you this message. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.
  27. You’re a [film/movie/show on their profile] fan right? What do you think of the newest release?
  28. What are your thoughts on pineapple on pizza?
  29. I saw you also like [hobby] and couldn’t not swipe right! How did you get into it?
  30. Who would you rather be stuck in a lift with? [List two celebs]
  31. I bet you a drink your personality is even better than your looks.
  32. The 10th picture back in your camera roll describes our relationship. What’s the prognosis?
  33. What’s your usual McDonald’s/Greggs/KFC order?
  34. I’m vaxxed, waxed, and ready for a date. Where are we going?
  35. Please tell me you’re not the type of person who claps when the plane lands…
  36. Were Ross and Rachel really on a break?
  37. Do you like bad boys/girls? Because I’m really bad at this.
  38. Your [a quality about them] really caught my eye. You’re stunning!
  39. I’d tell you you’re gorgeous, but I’m sure you get that all the time. How about you describe yourself with a gif instead?
  40. There’s not much on your bio but I’d love to get to know you. Quickfire question round?

Remember, you’ll always do better with something personalised rather than a generic quote. Even just asking someone out can be effective depending on who it is.

As long as it’s considerate – not a boring ‘hi’ – you’re already on to a winner.

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