21 Lighthearted Shows to Watch While You Await the Results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Too close to call!

It’s a phrase we expect to hear a little longer as the outcome of the 2020 election remains tight. Yes, we so far have seen historic wins in Congress and the Senate that’ll change the direction of American leadership for years to come. But when it comes to the giant elephant in the room—who is President?—well, we’re still sweating. 

To combat that stress, why not (briefly) switch off the news to instead enjoy beloved series that feel like a warm hug? We’ve gathered 21 lighthearted and super comforting TV shows that’ll help you get your mind off all that’s going on.

Yes, we suggest revisiting classics like Gossip Girl, Sex and the City or Moesha. But we also recommend taking the time to explore some of this year’s buzziest new shows. Because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the titular character at the center of Emily in Paris is one of the most polarizing in Netflix history. 


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