2023 Aiways U5 review: price, specs and release date | What Car?

However, the upside is that in less challenging circumstances it is set up for comfort, such that it sails over smaller road imperfections. That’s a tell-tale that its suspension set-up is largely unchanged for Europe from China, where the condition of roads is not dissimilar to the UK’s. In a family SUV, you might well decide that’s a compromise worth making.

Likewise, the steering is a fraction light, albeit still precise enough. Out in normal driving it does take a little getting used to, and there’s no doubt that the likes of the Niro EV and Enyaq deliver a far more rounded, confidence-inspiring driving experience, but the set-up is just the right side of being decent enough.

What’s it like inside?

It’s notable that the first thing you notice about the Aiways U5 when you get in is just how much space there is. That’s partly because it actually is more spacious than most rivals, by around 10%, but also because of some nice touches that open up the interior.

For instance, there’s no glovebox, opening up the dash and giving the front passenger a considerable amount of knee room. The owner’s manuals are online and accessible through the infotainment screen, which itself is sensibly sized so as not to dominate the view. And, if you must have somewhere to put stuff, you can buy a laptop bag-sized case that neatly clips into place in the recess.

It’s in the back where the benefits really shine, though. Legroom is limousine-like and, aided by the fact that the floor is completely flat, with no intruding centre tunnel, the rear has space for three adults to fit comfortably. If you have smaller people in mind, you’ll welcome the two Isofix child-seat points on the outer seats, and ample room to carry whatever they might decide to bring.


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