2022 BMW i4 review: price, specs and release date

As a bonus, the accelerator response is beautifully calibrated, making it easy to pull away smoothly and build speed with exactly the ferocity you want.

What’s more, there’s little wind noise at speed except for a gentle whoosh across the windscreen, and road noise is well suppressed. BMW offers the option of a sound generator in case you want your i4 to deliver a sporty soundtrack, but there wasn’t one fitted to the prototype we tried.

As with most electric cars, the batteries are located beneath the floor, which lowers the centre of gravity. While you’re always aware that the i4 is a heavy machine, it feels nicely balanced in corners, grips strongly and resists body lean well.

There is some float over undulating roads, but the adaptive dampers are generally quick to react. The air springs are able to adjust the car’s ride height, leading to fitting levels of comfort.

2022 BMW i4 interior

While the i4 is related to the 3 Series, it’s not as practical because the more dramatically curved roofline reduces rear head room and the boot is 60 litres smaller, at 420 litres.    

On the other hand, there’s no shortage of space upfront. Much of our prototype’s dashboard was covered up, but BMW has released images that show giant screens for instrumentation and infotainment that give it plenty of wow factor.

As a bonus, the rotary infotainment controller you get in other BMW’s has been retained. That will make the system much easier to operate on the move than the touchscreen-only set-ups you find in some cars.

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