2022 ATAE Munro: rugged electric 4×4 enters testing phase

The monocoque architecture is built using the latest construction techniques, while the chassis has been modified to include a dedicated structure to house the batteries. The folded aluminium panels are riveted and bonded to the framework to prevent electrolytic corrosion, extending the life of the vehicle. 

Anderson said: “Longevity and repairability are super important for us, from both an ecological and economical viewpoint. We’re really going to struggle to cut global carbon emissions if we throw vehicles away after 5-7 years.” 

He added: “We want to create a vehicle that you can get into with muddy boots, throw a bale of hay in the back of to feed the horses, then go out camping for the weekend. The fact that it has an electric drivetrain is almost irrelevant since we foresee electric vehicles becoming the new norm very quickly.

Meanwhile, with the emphasis firmly on off-road performance, solid beam axles will be fitted along with a two-speed transfer box and locking centre differential. Towing capacity and payload should mirror the conventionally fuelled Ibex F8 at 3.5 tonnes. Using existing components makes for rapid development lead times, and initial prototypes of the Munro are planned to be completed in the coming weeks, to be used in a comprehensive 12-month testing phase. 

Production will get underway in late 2022, with production output planned to remain below 1000 units per year. With no established dealer network, the Munro will be marketed online. Prices will likely be around £50,000 for the standard car, with a slightly cheaper version for commercial use. Options such as a larger battery and a more upmarket interior will also be available on pricier versions. 

Craig Allen


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