17 of the most comfortable wedding shoes you'll actually be able to wear all day— for brides, bridesmaids and guests

Name something worse than being in complete agony during your (or your best friend’s) wedding ceremony? Missing the first dance because those blisters are just TOO painful is perhaps up there, or even (God forbid) having to ruin the outfit you’ve spent probably years planning with someone’s spare pair of flip flops? No, getting your hands on a pair of comfortable wedding shoes is an absolute must for any big day… so if it wasn’t already on your list, well, you know what to do.

Whether you’re planning your own nuptials, a killer bridesmaid look or simply building your arsenal of accessories to go with your summer wedding guest dresses, fret not, because we’re here to help. After scouring the internet, and doing our most thorough research (i.e. asking all the brides and wedding go-ers we’ve ever known) we’ve rounded up the very best pairs of comfortable wedding shoes we could find below.

Given that your choice of footwear can really make or break your day, you want to get it right. Sure, there’s Compeed, and heel pads and insoles to cushion the blows, but if the foundations aren’t up to scratch you could end up making memories from your chair— and no one wants that. Whether bride or guest, before buying your shoes for the day, have a think first about what comfort means to you. Have you always hated wearing heels? Is the big day going to be set in a field of stiletto-swallowing mud? Or maybe you can’t bear a strap digging in. Starting here will mean you’re be able to pick something that works for you, not just the latest trends.

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The best thing about weddings these days is that anything goes. Where heels used to be de rigueur, now flats are totally acceptable— for bride or guest. Just look at these ASOS mules which look MUCH more expensive than their under-£10 price tag. If it’s a more casual affair, you could even consider an espadrille wedge— Castaner’s insta-friendly styles have reached icon-status and suit a countryside wedding perfectly.

Luckily the fashion world is all about comfort these days (it is the era of the tracksuit after all) so there are plenty of super wearable wedding shoe options out there to choose from. Some would say TOO many – from designer classics you’ll wear beyond the day (hello Gucci Marmonts) to high street saviours that are friendly on your budget as well as your toes.


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