15 Surprising Things You Never Knew About the Toy Story Franchise

20 years ago, on November 24, 1999, the stakes couldn’t have been higher for Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of their toy friends.

After the surprise success of 1995’s Toy Story, which was the first full-length movie to be made entirely using computer-generated imagery, the expectations were high for the long-awaited sequel, which had a troubled production shoot and many script revisions.

Fortunately, the magic was still there, with Toy Story 2, led by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, going on to gross almost $500 million worldwide and proved these toys still had a lot of playtime left in them. Toy Story 3, released in 2010, and Toy Story 4, released this year, proved just how much staying power the Disney and Pixar franchise had, with each follow-up grossing over $1 billion worldwide, with the third film winning the Oscars for Best Animated Film, Best Original Film and earning a Best Picture nomination, a rarity for an animated movie. 

However, Toy Story almost had a completely different story, with one of the two leading toys originally conceived to be the villain of the first time, and the other going through four name and personality changes before the filmmakers landed on the iconic characters we all know and love. 

You’ve got a friend in us, one that will reveal 15 secrets you probably don’t know about one of the most beloved (and successful) film franchises of all-time. So let’s go to infinity and beyond…

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Toy Story 4, Tom Hanks

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