10 of the most popular activewear brands on 'fitness TikTok' (AKA FitTok) for working up a sweat in style

If you need to find the latest game-changing viral foundation or false lashes, fashion trends, or DIY home hacks, TikTok is the place to be. Alongside thousands of hilarious videos that keep us entertained for hours, it’s also where you’ll find the most authentic reviews, advice, and growing communities. FitTok, aka Fitness TikTok, is one of the app’s most popular categories, as users share their fave workouts, equipment, nutrition, and progress, whether that’s losing weight or hitting new fitness goals.

You’ll also find users recommending the best kit to wear while you work out, from the most stylish and supportive squat-proof leggings to the running shoes that make all the difference when trying to hit a PB in your training. And we know all too well, that when you look and feel good in nice new workout clothes, you’re way more likely to want to get that HIIT class done the first place.

Thanks to research by, we’ve got the lowdown on TikTok’s favourite fitness brands, and the top 10 shared and tagged more than any else. Unsurprisingly, coming in at number one is Nike, with 9.3 billion
hash tagged posts followed by Gymshark with 3 billion and Adidas with 2.6 billion. Here’s the top 10 list in full.

1. Nike – 9.3 billion tagged posts
2. Gymshark – 3 billion tagged posts
3. Adidas – 2.6 billion tagged posts
4. Puma – 805 million tagged posts
5. Lululemon – 766.5 million tagged posts
6. UnderArmour – 260.1 million tagged posts
7. Patagonia – 188.9 million tagged posts
8. Peloton – 169.6 million tagged posts
9. Reebok – 159.9 million tagged posts
10. Decathlon – 84.5 million tagged posts

To give you a helping hand on your fitness journey, we’ve handpicked our top-rated products from each that you can shop right now, and as gyms have reopened and classes are soon to resume from 17 May, there’s no better time than now to update your wardrobe.

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