10 foods you think are healthy but are really not – how many do you eat regularly?

Coconut milk yoghurt

Like coconut oil, this has also become staple, especially as many people are also turning to a plant-based diet, noted Mr Hobson.

“Coconut milk yoghurt tends to be marketed as a healthy option but a serving of 150g contains nearly 300 calories and this can easily notch up to 500 when add a bit of granola and fruit. This yoghurt option is also high in sat fat at 24g per 150g serving.”


According to Mr Hobson, this natural product often has people thinking it is in some way healthier than sugar but the fact is that all sweeteners contain sugar.

It’s not all bad. As Mr Hobson noted, honey does come in many different varieties, and it is a very natural product, but you still need to watch how much of it you choose to use.


“This is a classic healthy snack amongst those trying to watch their weight but you must read the label or you could be in for a nasty surprise,” warned Mr Hobson.

As he pointed out, it’s pretty obvious that sweet varieties are not going to be the healthiest option but even those that seem natural can contain as much as 500 calories per bag and 3g of salt so definitely not a “free” food as some people make it out to be.


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