Handy three-way hood lets you block out human interaction

(Picture: OstrichPillow)

You’re at work and people just won’t. stop. talking.

You put on headphones. They still turn to you and continue gabbing about their adventures on Tinder or asking how to spell basic words (you’re in front of a computer, Karen, just Google it).

How do you find peace and quiet? How can you put an end to the chatter and focus on your work?

If you don’t mind being a bit blunt, a special hood could be the answer.

The people behind the OstrichPillow (you remember, that weird looking pillow that lets you nap anywhere) have unveiled their latest creation: The OstrichPillow Hood.

There are three ways to wear the hood; as a loop around your neck to stay cosy, as a hood that blocks out peripheral vision, and in the ‘eclipse’ position.

(Picture: OstrichPillow)

It’s the hood and eclipse position we’re interested in.

Worn as a hood, the front of the handy creation covers up the sides of your face so your desk buddies can’t catch your eye or get your attention. It’s the equivalent of putting on blinkers, and visibly showing people you’re not up for chatting so you can go about your business without distraction.

(Picture: OstrichPillow)

In the eclipse position, the hood is turned around so it covers your face entirely, creating a ‘comfortable soft warm dark space’. This is the clothing version of saying ‘I am not here to interact with any of you people, please leave me alone).

You probably can’t work with the hood in the eclipse position as you can’t see, but you can sit in silence or take a nap. Bliss.

If you shove on the headphones and the hood, you’ll be entirely shut off from the outside world. It’s the dream.

(Picture: OstrichPillow)

Ali Ganjavian, the cofounder of Studio Banana, who make the hood, said: ‘We are living in an age of digital addiction and multitasking, leading to overstimulation, stress and even reduced IQs.

‘Hotdesk environments, although creative and social, are not the most productive for deep thinking. We wanted to offer a way for everyone to be able to switch off, relax and focus, wherever they are.’

Sounds very wise.

You could also use the hood on your commute to avoid awkward eye contact with other humans, or put it into the eclipse position when your nan’s asking about your love life.

If you’re keen on getting your own, you can pre-order the hood on Kickstarter for $25 (£19).

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